Cement, Bath & Tiles

The goal is not simply to collect huge amounts of data in a database; the value from this digitalisation is to develop new innovations, improve customer service and to differentiate from the competition. All these characteristics are applicable to the cement industry.

We can help you achieve your business goals and targets by guiding timely strategic decisions.

In a cement production, logistics and dealers are a perfect place for improvements. System controlling the customer contacts, the suppliers, the sales and logistic processes, and production systems are organising the best way to create a cost-effective product. By linking these two worlds together and aligning the data collected, it is possible to start to control data, create forecasts and start with analytics

Apart from the above, other advantages companies can realize due to business intelligence include:

Improve Business Productivity

Businesses can channel their vital resources and workforce to foster business productivity as they need not divert their resources to business intelligence (BI) gathering work

Crucial Information Easily Accessed

Business intelligence provides crucial information to companies, improving their ability to make quick decisions and generating a competitive advantage.

Good Return on Investment (ROI)

BI ensures stronger ROI as companies can significantly reduce costs, enhance revenue, improve margin, drive cost avoidance and much more.

Informed Decision Making

Reporting based on accurate and timely information helps companies measure the performance of their processes.

Analytics in bath and tiles industry have become one of the most powerful tools available to manufacturer, and are being used to enable fact based, insight-driven decision making to manage their strategic, operating and financial performance, and create shareholder value. Manufacture and dealers today are searching for ways to derive more customer intelligence and operational insights from their overflowing databases.

Recommendation System

A recommendation engine filters the data using different algorithms and recommends the most relevant items to users. It first captures the past behaviour of a customer and based on that, recommends products which the users might be likely to buy.

Price optimisation/discount efficiency

Price optimisation is a revenue management tool that leverages data and analytics to set and adjust prices in order to maximise profitability.

Customer Lifetime Value - RFM Model

RFM analysis is based on the Pareto principle, aka the 80/20 rule. The rule states that 80% of the business comes from 20% of the clients. Therefore, understanding who that 20% of your clients are is important. Customer segmentation and profiling is vital for analysing customer value.

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